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Overview of group conversations

After a talk room is created, you will not need to use the smartphone's controls for the most part. You can put it away in a pocket or bag near the BONX earpiece and enjoy hands-free conversation.

As long as you have signal, you can talk in a group of up to 10 people simultaneously at any distance.
If you go outside the coverage area or lose signal the group will be notified, and you will automatically rejoin the talk room when you get signal again.

Conversation controls: Mute / Standby Mode

During a conversation, you can operate the BONX earpiece to use the following functions.
Mute microphone: Press and hold the Main Button for 1 second.
It temporarily mutes the microphone so others cannot hear your voice. You can still hear others' voices in the conversation.
Standby Mode: Press and hold the Volume Button for 1 second.
It stops transmitting your voice to others and stops transmitting others' voices to you. Both the microphone and the speaker are reduced to zero volume.
*Repeat the same operation to toggle either of these functions on and off.

Conversation controls: Push to Talk Mode

To talk only while a button is pressed like a walkie-talkie, use Push to Talk Mode.

<Entering Push to Talk Mode>
Tap the Push to Talk Button at the top of the app's Group Screen.
The conversation is transmitted only while the Main Button on the BONX earpiece or the Microphone Button on the screen is pressed.

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