7-4. Inviting people to the group
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Once you create a talk room, the two ways you can invite people to join the talk room are displayed. Up to 10 people can participate in a talk room. There are two ways you can invite friends to join a talk room.

  1. Invite by room passcode You can share the room passcode verbally or via text chat. 

*Please note that room passcode will be expired after 24 hours and change to different numbers.

2. Invite by room URL You can share the URL via social media so friends can click to join the group.
*Anyone who knows the URL can join the talk room, so please be caution when sharing it.

When an invited guest joins the talk room, an icon will appear on the Group Screen and a voice will announce the new participant. Additional people can join the room during a group conversation.

You can display the room key at any time by clicking the + Button.

Invite room

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