1. Power ON/OFF:
To turn on the BONX Earpiece, simply press the Power Button for 1 sec. The Green LED light will turn on for 1 second. To turn off the device, please press the button again for 1 second. The LED light will turn Orange for 1 second.

2. Transition to a forced pairing mode:
The device would automatically switch to a Pairing Mode after it is turned on for the first time. When it doesn’t turn to a pairing mode automatically, please swith to the forced pairing mode. To switch to the Pairing Mode manually, please press the Power Button for 6 continuous seconds. The LED light would flash Green and Orange alternately.
* After confirming the power is on, please press and hold the Power Button.

3. A Connection History Reset
If you require a connection history reset, please press and hold the Power Button for 15 seconds after the device

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