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4.Bluetooth Setting
4-2. Connecting your smartphone and BONX earpiece
4-2. Connecting your smartphone and BONX earpiece
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Turn your smartphone's Bluetooth mode on and turn on your BONX earpiece.

When you turn the BONX earpiece on for the first time, after 5 seconds the LED light on the earpiece will automatically begin flashing orange and green light alternatively. The earpiece will enter pairing mode.
Once the earpiece is in pairing mode, select the BONX earpiece from the list of Bluetooth devices on your smartphone. It will appear as "BX2******" for the serial number. (The serial number is engraved inside the back cover.)

Once you pair the BONX earpiece with your smartphone, the earpiece will automatically connect to your smartphone every time you turn it on.
If a smartphone that was previously paired with your earpiece is not found within 5 seconds of turning the earpiece on, the earpiece will automatically enter pairing mode. (If it does not enter pairing mode, press and hold the Power Button for 6 seconds.)

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