1−1.Included Items and Functions
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Included Items

The BONX Grip package contains the following items.

A. The BONX Earpiece Body
B. Earloops (S/M/L)
C. Earbuds (S/M)
D. USB Cable for charging
E. Tin Carry Case
F. Product Warranty
G. BONX Sticker
H. Manual

Names and Functions

①Multifunctional Button

  • Press this button for 1 second to switch on the Mic “Mute”.

  • When not used together with the BONX App, Multifunctional Button could be utilized for receiving/disconnecting incoming calls.

②Volume Button

  • You can adjust the volume by separate single clicks. The volume adjustment has seven steps.

  • Continuous 1 sec press switches on the “Stand-by Mode”.


  • S/M/L 3 different sizes included.


  • S/M 2 different sizes included.

Battery charging Port

  • To charge the BONX Earpiece, please connect the microUSB Cable to the port.

Power Button

  • Information on how to operate the Power Button is included in the section “2-2. OLED indicators”.

LED Light

  • Flashing pattern and color of the LED Light indicate status of the power ON/OFF. For detailed information, please refer to the “2-2. LED Flashing”.

Serial Number

  • It is a unique ID that identifies your BONX Earpiece.

  • When connecting a smartphone to the BONX Earpiece through Bluetooth, please check the ID accordingly.

  • For details about the pairing method, please refer to the “5-2. Pairing the BONX Earpiece with a Smartphone”.

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