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5. Attaching the BONX earphone
5-1. About the size of the earloop
5-1. About the size of the earloop
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The BONX package comes with earloops of 3 different sizes and 2 different earbuds. You can mix and match these parts and attach the BONX earpiece to your right ear.

M size earloop is already attached to the BONX device. Please choose and interchange the correct size earloop according to your ear size. The Size of the earloop is shown on body of the earloop in alphabets as illustrated in the drawing. ( S/M/L)


After you have chosen the best fitting earcap and the earloop, please attach them to the BONX earpiece.

After selecting the optimum size, pull the loop into the bigger circle of the BONX device body as shown on the picture. Then hook the rest. Earloop should be mounted so as to fit the outer perihpery of the BONX earpiece.

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