1-1. Difficulties pairing with smartphone

If you have trouble pairing the BONX Earpiece with your smartphone, please try the following steps:

  1. Turn off your Bluetooth on your phone, and turn it on again.

  2. Turn off the BONX Earpiece, and turn it on again.

  3. Press the Power Button and hold for 6 seconds. The LED on the BONX earphone should start blinking orange and green. Next, open your Bluetooth settings on your phone, and choose the BONX Gri (starting with “BX2…”) to pair them together.

  4. If that does not work, press the Power button on the BONX Earpiece and hold for 15 seconds to delete all pairing history data. The LED on the BONX earphone will blink yellow for 1 second. Repeat steps 1~3.

  5. If the steps above do not solve the problem, please test pairing with a different phone. If pairing is successful, there is a possibility the issue is caused by your smartphone.

1-2. BONX earphone disconnect from your Smartphone

If you find connection is unstable after the BONX earphone is successfully paired with your smartphone, please check your surroundings for anything that emits high-intensity radio waves (such as communication towers or high tension wires). Also, check for any objects between your smartphone and the BONX earphone that may cause interference (such as thick metal panels). Please keep away from anything that emits high-intensity radio waves, and move your smartphone away from any objects that may cause interference.

If connection is still unstable, please try connecting the BONX earphone to a different phone. If connection is successful, there is a possibility the issue is caused by your smartphone.

1-3. No sound from BONX Earpiece

Please ensure that the BONX Earpiece is paired successfully. On iOS, the Bluetooth icon (as shown in the picture) should be on the top right of your screen. On Android, the Bluetooth icon on the top right of your screen will change (as shown in the picture). If the two devices are not paired, please take the steps in “1-1. Difficulties pairing with smartphone”.

If both devices are successfully paired, but there is still no sound, please check the speaker settings on your smartphone. Please ensure that the correct audio route has been selected and the BONX Earpiece is assigned as the speaker output. Please also ensure that the volume setting is not minimum. For iOS version, you can change the settings from the Control panel at the bottom of the screen. For Android, please check the Audio Speaker/ Microphoe from the settings. If your settings are fine but the problem is still unresolved, please try turning your Bluetooth and the BONX Earpiece off and on again.

1-4. Noise or poor sound quality

If the sound quality of the BONX Earpiece is poor, there are several possible causes.

  1. Please check if there are any objects that may be interfering with Bluetooth radio waves. Removing yourself from the area or changing the position your phone is placed, could resolve the problem. ( For details, please see “1-2. BONX Earpiece disconnect with your smartphone”)

  2. If sound quality suddenly deteriorates during the call, there is a possibility that internet connection became weak. Please exit your chatroom using “Swipe to leave”, and join again from the history tab.

  3. If you have used the BONX Earpiece in a wet environment, there is a possibility that some water has entered the mic or speaker, causing the sound to be muffled. If that is the case, shake the BONX Earpiece around 20 times to remove any water inside, and leave it to dry for a day.

1-5. BONX Earpiece won’t turn on

Please ensure that the BONX Earpiece is fully charged. Use the supplied microUSB cable to charge before use. An orange LED will light up on the BONX Earpiece during charging.

Charging the BONX Earpiece is also effective in cases where the BONX Earpiece has frozen, and the power switch does not respond

1-6. Other issues

If any issues have occurred other than the above, please try the following steps.

  1. Turn off your Bluetooth, and turn it on again.

  2. Turn off the BONX earphone, and turn it on again.

  3. Turn off your smartphone, and turn it on again.
     If steps above don’t resolve the issue, please contact our Customer Support.

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