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Q1. Is the Installation of BONX App necessary? Can I use it as a regular headset?

A1. Yes, It can be utilized as a standard Bluetooth headset for listening to music and receiving calls. However, using BONX Earpiece as a normal headset is outside the scope of our support. Especially in Android phones, where phone characteristics and functions differ a lot, there are models where using the BONX Earpiece as a standard Bluetooth Headset is not possible. In addition, designed functions like Group call, Speech Detection, Noise Cancellation are best used in combination with BONX app.

Q2. Where can I download BONX app?

A2. The app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. You can find links here

Q3. Can I use BONX app without BONX earphone?

A3.You can enjoy group chat using BONX app even without BONX Earpiece. However, some functions like voice detection system, noise cancellation functions would not be available only on BONX App. It is designed to be utilized in combination with BONX Earpiece and BONX app.

Q4. Can BONX app be used with earphones or headphones other than BONX earphone?

A4. BONX app cannot connect to earphones or headphones other than BONX Earpiece, even with or without wires. If you use BONX app without BONX Earpiece, you must talk regularly using the smartphone or speakerphone.

Q5. How many people can I talk to at the same time?

A5. Currently, you can talk up to 10 people in a group including yourself.

Q6. Can outsider interfere with a group talk in BONX app?

A6. No, it is not possible. For someone to join the group talk in a later stage, invitation has to be sent from anyone inside the group talk.

Q7. Can BONX app be used with both iOS phones and Android phones in the same group conversation?

A7. Yes. People with iOS phones and Android phones can be in the same group. For Android phones, there may be some difference in the way the app works depending on the OS version or the device models.

For details please read "3. Testing status on Android devices".

Q8. Can I use BONX app with a feature phone?

A8. BONX app is only compatible with iPhones and Android phones.

Q9. Can I talk to someone who does not have BONX Earpiece?

A9. It is possible to talk by just using BONX app, but the user without BONX Earpiece must talk without using any earphone device. Earphones and headphones manufactured by other companies cannot be used with BONX app.

Q10. How much data does the app use? How much will the cost be?

A10. BONX app introduces a “Voice Activity Detection” to transmit data only when there is a voice detection. This helps to reduce the data and a battery usage. If you talk on the app continuously, the app will use maximum of 5 MB of data per hour. You will not have to pay a rate for the call, but you will pay for the data. Please check with your cellphone carrier for details on the internet costs. We recommend you to use flat-rate packet communication services.

Q11. Is there any delay on the voice transmission?

A11. From the start of the speech detection--background noise cancellation--and until the transmission, there is a slight delay. Weak signal wave or line problem could also contribute to a delay of the transmission.

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