2-2. How to use BONX app
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Q1. Can I change my room passcode?

A1. Sorry, but once the room passcode has been created,

it is valid for 24 hours. Since the room passcode cannot be changed,

please create a new passcode after the old passcode expired.

Q2. I clicked on the URL that was sent,but I still cannot join the conversation.

A2. Is the BONX app installed?

To use BONX Group Talk, you need the BONX GRIP earpiece and BONX app.
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Q3. What is the difference between a Guest User and Registered Account?

A3. Guest User: A simple registered user who can easily start a talk room just by setting a nickname and icon.

Registered Account: More features are available. For example, you can add talk rooms to Favorites. Also, when you make changes or upgrade your device and delete the app, you can still recover the data.

Q4. How many talk rooms can be saved in the history?

A4.Up to ten of the most recent ones will be saved. By adding your frequently-used rooms to your Favorites, you can easily start the room. You can also delete the history.

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