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1. About BONX Earpiece
1-1. About BONX Earpiece Usage Environment
1-1. About BONX Earpiece Usage Environment
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Q1. Is BONX Earpiece water and shock resistant?

A1. As BONX Earpiece is designed for outdoor sports, it is water (IPX5) and shock resistant. However, depending on the activity type and conditions used, you may not be able to get our warranty support.

Q2. Can I use BONX Earpiece underwater?

A2. BONX Earpiece only support uses under rain and sweat, it cannot be used underwater. Please make sure you dry your BONX Earpiece carefully if it get into water.

Q3. Can I use BONX Earpiece while surfing?

A3. BONX Earpiece is water resistant, but we cannot verify salt water tolerance. Also, BONX Earpiece is used in combination with a smartphone, so please note the latter part as well.

Q4. Can I use BONX Earpiece in hot or cold environments?

A4. BONX Earpiece will work optimally in environments where the temperature is between 0 and 45 degrees Celsius. In extremely hot or cold environments, the battery will last for a shorter time. For example, if you plan to use it while hiking in sub-zero temperatures, we recommend you wear a knit cap to shield BONX earphone from the frigid air. Even when you are not using the earphone, the battery will last longer if it is not in contact with the air.

Q5. What is the maximum wind speed I can use BONX Earpiece in?

A5. Based on the current tests, your friends will be able to hear you clearly when you use BONX Earpiece when winds of about 30 km/hour hit the device. We do not recommend using BONX while high speed-driving.

Q6. Can I use the earphone in noisy environments?

A6.The BONX Earpiece and BONX app utilizes Human voice recognition technology as well as environment noise cancellation system to decrease the background noise to a certain extent. When there are a lot of people in the same place, or there is loud music/sound from a nearby speaker, the noise could not be cut completely.

Q7. Can I listen to music?

A7. As with normal Bluetooth earphones, you can also listen to music.

However, it is designed mainly for communication and safety while you do outdoor sports. Therefore, it is designed to be attached to only one ear, so you can still hear the surrounding environment.

Q8. Can it receive phone calls?

A8. You can receive calls by pressing the button.

If there is an incoming call while you are using the BONX app, you will temporarily leave the group conversation. After the phone call ends, you will rejoin the group automatically.

Q9. Can I use it while driving a motorcycle?

A9. Although BONX has a noise reduction feature for wind, etc., the motorcycle's engine and wind noise may be too loud for you to hear any conversations. Sorry, but we therefore do not recommend using it while riding a motorcycle.

We do plan to improve the product so you can use it while riding a motorcycle.

Q10. How long is the battery service life?

A10. The battery is guaranteed to retain at least 80% of its capacity after 300 to 500 recharge cycles. This figure may vary depending on how you use the unit and how often you recharge it.

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